Danygraig isaf 19th & 20th C. history

Chronology of the ownership and residents of Danygraig isaf:

2012. The webmaster moved permanently into Dan-y-graig isaf.
2001. The ruined cowshed was turned into a kitchen with a car port at the side of the house.
1972. Mr Parkinson and his son rebuilt the house and it was used as a holiday home. The webmaster restored the barn during holidays there.The garden area was fenced and over the next 50 years, it was been planted with many unusual trees and shrubs. It also had a productive vegetable patch and soft fruit cage
26/07/1971. Marion and Christopher Spry, who lived in Oxford then, bought 'Dan-y-Graig isaf' from Isobel Price and Edward Morgan Havard £1,200. A third of an acre of adjoing farmland was included to make a garden. The stone buildings with slate roofs, were derelict. The house had not been lived in for 23 years. It was used to hold chickens at one time. The barn was used by a neighbour as a workshop, but after half the roof collapsed it was used to hold farm equipment used by the farmer who rented the 32 acres of land belonging to Danygraig isaf. Poor photos taken of the house and barn in 1971: Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4 and photo 5.
1969. A description of 'Dan-y-Graig isaf' with photographs were taken and entered into COFLEIN, which is the online interactive mapping and database for the National Monuments Record of Wales. Unfortunately, the description is incorrect, as it describes the adjacent house and barn at Dan-y-Graig Uchaf. Neither were listed. The webmaster has asked for this error to be corrected.
22/05/1957. Isobel Price and Edward Morgan Havard given rights as joints tenants of the farm.
21/02/1956. Letters of administration given to Isobel Price of Llsynstyfelin.
21/10/1955. Morgan Thomas Price died intestate.
1948. Mrs Lowe, who was a tenant, died at Dan-y-Graig isaf
04/11/1932. Morgan Thomas Price mortgaged the farm for £350 from Johnny Watkins of Trecastle on condition that he repaired and insured the property. Letters 'WPP' were carved into the upper beam of the beast house.
05/08/1903. The farm was inherited by Thomas Price's nephew Morgan Thomas Price
31/03/1902. Thomas Price of Llwynstyfelin Senni died intestate without heirs.
1901 census. Elizabeth Jones, head of house and widow, aged 69 and a 'huckster' (a person who sells small items door-to-door or from a stall) or trader lived here with her daughter Alice aged 28, also a 'huckster' and grandson Willie aged 14.
1891 census. Elizabeth Jones, married, aged 58, farmer, born in Senni lived here with her daughter (Alice aged 19, general servant, born in Senni) and grandson (Willis aged 4, born in Aberdare). They all spoke Welsh.
1881 census. William Jones (farm labourer aged 50 born in Llanspyddid, Brecon) lived here with his wife Elizabeth (aged 49 born in Devynock) and five children all born in Devynock: Mary (23) William (farm labourer, 19) Gwen (15) John (scholar, 11) Alice (scholar, 9)
1871 census. John Morgan (farmer of 30 acres, aged 55) lived here with his wife Mary (54) Mary Havard (granddaughter, 10) James Havard (grandson, 4) all born in Devynock.
08/10/1864. William Havard of Gwernllertai sold Tir Gwalter Havard 25 acres to Thomas Price £545.
1863. Henry Maybery indentured the farm to W. Havard. It was lived in by Thomas Powell.
1861 census. There are two Danygraig properties which are not distinguished. Evan Williams, farmer of 37 acres with wife Elizabeth and four children are in one and David Price, farmer, with their grandson and a female servant are in the other.
1851 census. There are two 'Tan y Graig' properties. David and Mary Davies with two daughters are in one and Anne Price widow, farmer of 40 acres with four grandchildren and a farm servant are in the other.
1841 census.There is only one Danygraig property listed, with David Davies, farmer, Mary, probably from her age his wife, John an Ag Lab (agricultural labourer), Jane and Elizabeth. One of the properties was probably empty.
1836 The 'title commutation map', which was used to commute title payments into rent payments, shows Dan y Graig isaf was owned by Mary Havard and occupied by Anne Williams. It consisted of a house and barn and 35 acres of land between the Senni river and the Great Forest of Brecknock, which is above and behind the house. Photos have been taken of the the tithe entries: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, and photo5.
Photo 4 shows the map with the fields, numbered 280 to 295.
This is a list ot the names and values of these 16 fields, that comprised this small farm:
280 Cae newydd, (New Field) £4 1 17
281 Cae glad uchaf, (Upper Glade Field) £1 2 18
282 Cae glad isaf, (Lower Glade Field) £3 3 12
283 Cae hir, (Long Field) £3 2 14
384 Erw Ganol, (Middle Acre) £2 0 4
285 Bryn Dafydd £1 3 33
286 Bryn Dafydd isaf £2 2 6
287 Ynys fawr, (Big Island) £2 0 10
288 Ynys fawr isaf, (Lower Big Island) £1 1 2
289 Waun Arwy £2 1 38
290 Werne, Were £1 0 0
291 Ardd dan y domen, (Garden under the tip) £2 1 8
292 Cae Tyle, Tyle Field £3 0 31
293 Cae Porth, (Gate Field) £0 2 20
294 No name or value
295 No name or value
The total value of the land, that was carried forward, was £32.3.13.

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